Our developmental teams are by invitation only and are designed to prepare our young athletes for our competitive team programs.

Our J.O. Women's Artistic Devo Teams consist of Bronze, Silver and Gold focusing on J.O. Women's Artistic Levels 1-3 as developed by USA Gymnastics.

Our J.O. Trampoline & Tumbling Devo Teams consist of Hots shots and Advanced TNT focusing J.O. Trampoline & Tumbling Levels 1-3 as developed by USA Gymnastics.




Dream Gymnastics Academy is proud to offer J.O. Trampoline and Tumbling (TNT) for both boys and girls ages 5 & up.

Athletes learn new, fun, and exciting skills in competitive routines on both trampoline and the rod tumbling floor. Our J.O. Trampoline and Tumbling programs are comprised of J.O. Level 4 up through J.O. Level 10 as developed by USA Gymnastics. These are progressive level programs offered in a fun and safe environment fostering athletes to develop teamwork, friendship, and sportsmanship as they prepare for competition.

Our J.O. Trampoline & Tumbling Team members develop spatial awareness, body control, and confidence as they learn and develop new skills in a fun and exciting environment.




Our Women's J.O. program invites those students who show interest and promise in making gymnastics a significant part of their life and future.

Athletes begin their journey with us as Developmental Pre-Team members working their way through our Bronze, Silver and Gold Levels. We then place our athletes into J.O. Level 2, continuing up through J.O. Level 10 as developed by USA Gymnastics. These are progressive level programs where athletes develop strength, flexibility, and core gymnastics skills.

We take immense pride in the journey of our J.O. Artistic Team members learning to build strong psychological qualities such as the courage, responsibility, discipline, work ethic, and teamwork. Our J.O. Artistic Team Coaches teach strength, flexibility, and competitive gymnastics skills in a structured, disciplined, yet enjoyable and encouraging atmosphere.