Our Gravity Edge program is designed for skiers, snowboarders, rollerbladers, and skateboarders and all who love non-traditional gymnastics! We place an emphasis on air awareness and self-confidence while learning the proper technique for both on and off axis tricks. These extreme programs will help your athlete improve in their sport while also having a blast!

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60-minute coed class for ages 7yrs and older.

Edge tumble is the entry level to all of the Gravity Edge programs. In this class, athletes will be taught the basics of the trampoline. They will learn on-axis tricks like grabs and spins to get used to bouncing on a tramp. In the later stages of the class, they will learn some beginner off-axis tricks such as Cork rolls and Misty rolls to begin developing tricks.



60-minute coed class for ages 8yrs and older.

In Edge I, athletes will begin expanding on their introductory knowledge by learning more advanced skills and techniques. Both on-axis tricks such as back flips and front flips are introduced as well as the more difficult off-axis tricks such as full Mistys and Corks.



60-minute coed class for ages 8yrs and older.

Edge II classes are designed for athletes who are looking to improve the advanced skills in their sport in a safe and padded environment. Athletes are encouraged to practice tricks that they will use while skiing, snowboarding, skateboarding or rollerblading. They are free to practice both on-axis or off axis tricks. Athletes will continue to expand their knowledge and technique in order to perform bigger and better tricks as they continue to advance and improve.